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Our Story

TriPoint Academy is a community designed public serving 50 students in San Antonio, Tx. It represents the first tuition-free public micro-school in Texas open to ALL students. During the community design process, parents were clearly in demand of smaller, safer, and more personalized learning environments with access to real world learning experiences.

This feedback led to the origination of the TriPoint model where students are in small, mixed-age group pods in order to provide the flexibility to meet the specific needs of each student. In addition to the small school size, the philosophy of the school is built on the idea of connecting learning experiences with academics to deepen student mastery of content. TriPoint incorporates two unique programs to accomplish this.

First, students are exposed to a CEEDS curriculum which applies core curriculum to real world applications with a service learning output. Second, is a strong arts focus, where art technique blends with what students are learning in the academic classrooms. This unique environment also appealed to a specific desire from teachers and allowed TriPoint to recruit three high-quality teachers to pilot and build the model. 

Currently, the school is in year one of a two year phase-in approach in order to build systems and maintain fidelity to the community design. Early indicators show the promise of the small, personalized learning environment as math and reading growth were both in the top quartile despite a greater than 50% at-risk population. The school is expected to reach a final capacity of 120 this Fall with an existing waitlist of families.