Q: Where are you located? 

A: Co - locating - 6660 First Park Ten Blvd, Suite 14

Q: What are your school hours?

A: The official school day begins at 7:50 and ends at 3:40. Staff will be available as early as 7:15 (if needed) for drop off. After school programming is available, please see the After School Program page for more information. 

Q: What is the school calendar?

A: Tri Point Academy particates in additional school days, which provide funding and the opportunity to do amazing things with our students! 

*See below

Q: What is the dress code?

A: We believe students should be comfortable, but also dressed appropriately. Students are welcome to wear clothing of their choice, but must not have inappropriate language (suggestive, offensive, explicit language , etc.). Mid drifts should be covered (no crop tops), and shorts/skirts/dresses, should come to mid-thigh/cover the behind.

Q: What school supplies are needed?

A: The school supply list can be found here:

2024-25 School Supplies

Q: What is Depth and Complexity?

A: The Depth & Complexity Framework provides strategies for learners, that moves them from simply discussing higher-level thinking and developing learning opportunities that create broader layers of thinking. These strategies are what has been missing in typical education settings - the actual tools to write lessons that meet all demands of the TEKS while creating a rigorous and appropriately challenging learning for all students.

Depth & Complexity...

• Refers to approaching or studying something from the concrete to the abstract, from the known to the unknown.

• Requires students to examine topics by determining the facts, concepts, generalization, principles and theories related to them.

• Depth & Complexity uses visual icons to prompt students so they better understand the curriculum and their learning by using levels of reasoning as a means to acquire and apply knowledge.