Here at Tripoint, we understand that authenticity is key. That's why we believe that the best way to learn about our school is to hear directly from parents who have experienced it firsthand.

We have a strong community of parents who are actively involved in our school. They are always willing to share their experiences with prospective families, and they can provide you with valuable insights into what it's like to be a part of the Tripoint family.

Shantelle Artis

Tri-Point Academy has changed my son's life drastically. My son has experienced great challenges in the traditional school setting since 4th grade and as the years went by it became more challenging. Since my son has attended Tri-Point Academy his social emotional and behavioral skills have immensely changed for the good. What I love about Dr.Correia especially and the educators at Tri-Point is that our children's issues do not scare them. They accept the challenge and teach them  techniques and concepts that will help them grow and reach higher potentials individually and collectively. Mr.Pendleton, Ms Martinez and Mrs Rodriguez are not just teachers, they are passionate educational coaches who motivate the students to see greatness in themselves. Tri-Point isn't just a school, they are family. 

Heather Rubio 

Things we appreciate about TriPoint Academy…

Our student was struggling in our neighborhood school academically and socially. We knew if he stayed in the same setting; he would continue to get the same results. When we met with the director and teachers, we saw they were passionate, dedicated, and strong instructors. Our student has enjoyed the emphasis on the sciences and arts and continues to make progress in his academics. We are grateful for the TriPoint team for the culture they are creating in which our students can flourish.

Vinaya Pai

The teachers at TriPoint are tireless and caring individuals who go the extra mile for their students. They are always happy to hop on a phone call or meet in person for any parental concerns and offer guidance if needed. The blended grade classrooms allow a child to work at their own pace, sometimes advancing several grades if appropriate.  They meet the students where they are and gently encourage when a subject area may be challenging.  The arts program is strong and incorporates the curriculum that is being taught in the classroom.  The head of school goes above and beyond to ensure that the students are receiving a solid education but are also becoming well rounded individuals who consider others and their community. Those parents seeking individualized attention for their students and are looking for an alternative to a crowded classroom with no personalization should consider TriPoint Academy. 


TriPoint's caring staff and multi-age classrooms have helped my kids begin where they are, and progress at their individual capacity. My kiddo who was behind a grade, is catching up and progressing. My kiddo with a brain itching to learn, is working one and two grades ahead. Both kids have different personalities and emotional needs. They are being supported where they are, and provided pathways and encouragement for growth. The teachers and staff are accessible, and responsive as I advocate for my kids. The diverse art program integrates with academics, making brain learning - hands on. 

The walls and counters of the school are covered in what the kiddos have created: favorite food poetry, career idea boards, 3D floating foam atoms, colonial clay ships, house plants in recycled watering systems, tin can garden flowers, bird feeders from repurposed materials. This tells me several meaningful things: the kids get to create. Their learning is thickly integrated with hands-on creativity. Their opinion and voice matters. It matters enough to be heard. It matters enough to be displayed. They are the future. TriPoint is growing them toward their future, while showing them how much they matter right now.