Weaving Interests of Next Gen Scholars  (WINGS)

WINGS offers an opportunity for students to combine their interests with the arts and project-based learning as a foundation for targeted growth in academic areas. It values Rigorous Academics, Service Learning, and Self-Realization as foundational pillars to guide students through meaningful academic growth towards academic excellence. 

This program will introduce students to niche overlaps between state standards and student learning outcomes across disciplines with student interests in career, trades, and innovation as an intentional approach to guide students towards mastering content and developing transferrable and marketable skillsets. 


WINGS Cost of Program Enrollment 

For the 2023-24 school year, there is no cost for WINGS. 

Enrollment Options

The WINGS program offers flexible options for families to best fit their work/school life.

Standard Program Hours

Monday-Friday: 3:40pm-5:30 PM